How to install a WordPress plugin

Below is the first set of crucial plugins you need to install on your WordPress website.

Head over to your admin Dashboard , Login from here http://websiteURL/wp-admin

Head over to plugins, Add new

Now search for the plugin you need, Click Install, then after few second Activate

One you Activate a plugin, you can find its settings under Plugins, or on the Plugin icon on your WordPress dashboard section

Setting up AMP plugin

Install and activate the plugin

Now head over to the plugin settings https://websiteurl/wp-admin/admin.php?page=amp-options

Make sure to suppress all the plugins you install from Plugin Suppression section

Setting up Table of Contents plugin

Install and activate the plugin

Setting up Site Kit by Google

install and activate the plugin

Now head to Site Kit Dashboard

Sign in with a google account, and make sure you tick everything on access list

Allow all the next requests

Head over to the dashboard, and Connect Analytics

Continue and agree to all requests


Now you can track your website visitors and even keywords through your dashboard.

Setting up WpForms plugin

Now lets go to the next set of plugins