Importance of Brand Building

As the cannabis market continues to grow and expand, it is important for entrepreneurs in the marijuana business to build a good brand image. Brand building is a crucial part of giving the business an identity and make it stand out in a market where everyone wants to come out on top and establish a stronghold.

The way a brand is built and the image it projects goes a long way in influencing how customers think and feel about a brand and its products. Building a good brand image from scratch is very difficult, however, the benefits outweigh the efforts as it makes customers come back for more. Having a website that perfectly captures what the company is and presents it to customers in an attractive fashion is one of the best ways to build a brand well.

Brand Value & Its Importance

Brand value is one of those intangible things that can make or break a company. It should be the top priority for any entrepreneur. Marijuana brands have the potential to become extremely valuable. One of the best ways to have a good brand value is to represent the company’s products consistently in all markets.

For example, no matter where in the world, if someone sees the Apple logo on a product, they can be sure that it is a premium product. This is one of the reasons why Apple is a trillion-dollar company. Another factor that can affect brand value is the failure rate. If too many products made by a company are failures then the brand image is hurt and the perceived value of both the company and its products are greatly reduced.

Developing Brand Identity Guidelines

The development of brand identity guidelines is crucial for any budding business. These guidelines should clearly outline instructions to anyone who wishes to use the company’s brand name or logo. It is also important to outline how others can legally use the company’s name, logo and brand assets.

The description of the permitted and unpermitted uses of a company’s logo and name should also be made extremely clear. Fair use guidelines should be established clearly and be made easy to understand.

This guideline should also be available on the website for anyone to read and there should also be a high-resolution file of the logo available on the website. This prevents people from obtaining the logo from a Google search and possibly using a result that may not paint the company in the right light.

Caliva’s brand identity guidelines are a good example of a cannabusiness with useful guidelines that can be easily found on their website. It includes the logo, the founder’s headshots, the fair use guidelines and much more. This helps protect their brand image from ever being misrepresented.


One of the first aspects that catch the eyes of customers is the visual design of the products of the company and also how the company presents it, possibly making it. Striking visuals and a good aesthetic are crucial to a company’s survival and success in the cannabis industry. Having a great logo that stands out and is visually pleasing can help a company greatly. The look should be reflective of what the company and its identity are. The logo’s design should be clean and simplistic since a very flashy logo might end up driving away some customers, thereby hurting the brand’s image. The colours should complement each other but they should also maintain their own aesthetic. It is also good to stray away from stereotypical “stoner” imagery while delivering the company’s motive. Investing a good amount of time in creating a logo that helps gain attention to the company is a good idea for a business that is starting out. Such a logo will help the reach of the company and also increase its awareness.

The brand’s visuals should be cohesive and consistent. The branding, the style guide which is used for promotion and marketing, and the website should be consistent with the company’s general aesthetic, colour palette and fonts. If the brand does not do this, products that are not consistent with the company’s usual visuals tend to look like outliers. For example, if the Pepsi logo or its packaging looked different from place to place people wouldn’t instantly know what brand made that product. Hence, visual consistency is very important for a brand, especially one that is just starting out.

Top Marijuana Web Designs – UPDATED 2021

Leafs By Snoop
Owned by one of the most famous stoners in the world, Snoop Dog’s cannabis product line has a very well-made design made by a renowned design company.

The logo is that of a golden marijuana leaf which has the brand name (Leafs by Snoop) written on it in white text on a white background. This clean and minimal yet visually pleasing design helps Leafs stand out and feel like a more worthwhile and premium product.

Marley Natural 384383
Marley Natural is like a lifestyle brand for cannabis enthusiasts. It has a line of hemp seed body care and also sells high-end black walnut smoking accessories.

The brand’s logo is that of a lion with the brand name on the side. The name and lion symbol perfectly play off the brand’s namesake, legendary reggae icon Bob Marley.

Kiva Confections

Kiva Confections is a company that makes delectable edibles. They teamed up with chocolatiers and experts to create some of the best cannabis chocolates on the market. Their logo reflects the company’s sophistication through its vintage font and simple layout.


A brand’s identity and design are two of the most integral parts of what makes a brand. And the design especially is an area where marijuana entrepreneurs should focus a lot of their time. A good design will help attract new customers to the market and if their products can match the same standard then it would go a long way in removing the stigma associated with cannabis and cannabis products.