WordPress is an open sourced platform used widely for hosting websites and stores. With WordPress, you gain access to a huge library of themes, templates, plugins and integrations. It is the most customizable, largely supported platform you can use to build your online presence. It needs some work at the beginning, but once sat correctly, you wont spend more than an hour a month to keep it running. Now lets see how can you start.

In short, what we will do here is obtain a domain name, a hosting service, then setting them both up to have a working WordPress platform. There are additional steps to follow, make sure to check the end of the article for the next guide.

Step 1: Obtain a domain name

how to pick a domain name, story, passion , similar words, generator find .com , avoid .com get .es, avoid trademarks, generally used words and terms, short term better have words in domain, long term brand and image, get google account for the brand

Think big, take your time to decide on a domain name, think of a brand name that is unique and makes sense to your visitor, for example don’t buy a ToolsOnline.com domain to sell Language lessons, something like SpanishPirate.com would make more sense. Also, try to focus on .com domain for international products, if you have a local business try to get a local domain extension, for example .es for Spain. Getting a domain name like LearnSpanishOnline.com might make sense to you, but try to avoid such domain names unless you want a short term project.

We suggest you make a list of words related to the services or products that you offer, then make a list of Synonyms from a website like www.thesaurus.com, then make use of a domain name generating service such as businessnamegenerator.com to come up and check the availability of such combination. some services offer more options like https://www.panabee.com/business-name so give them a look

Synonyms of the word Wood

Domain Generator, keyword used: Hashtag


We would also advice on the availability of these names as a business on Google, social media, and Youtube. If a similar name or a brand is already used, its better to look for another. Also, once you decide on a name, open a Gmail account to use for website analytics and register your domain with it. Last point to mention, we advice you to use your domain without the www. extension, promote your business as https://website.com.

To buy a domain, head to GoDaddy.com, search for the name, once found add to car and checkout.

GoDaddy might add some extra to your cart, so make sure to uncheck anything else other than the domain.

Better to buy it for 1 year only, you can renew after.

Step 2: Obtain a hosting plan

WordPress needs a host with a WHM and Cpanel options, usually VPS providers offer those included with their packages, we recommend using namecheap.com, head over to VPS hosting, and pick the cheapest VPS package they have as show below. The prices you pay may vary from time to time, check for coupons as usually you can get good discounts as a new customer, you can save up to 40% of the price with coupons.


Next step, select existing domain, you will need to create an account on Namecheap, use your new Google account to register for an account, follow the steps on screen to enter your domain name, and finish the purchase. You will receive an email with your server info within the next hour.

Keep these info as you will need it later: WHM URL and login info, IPs , and nameservers.


Step 3: Setting up your domain and hosting

Now we need to point the domain to your host, to do that login to Godaddy.com, head to domains, click the dots , then manage DNS

Head to Additional features down below, then host names, add 2 entries NS1, NS2 , followed by your server IPs on the next column as show below ( You need to add one more for NS2)

Save, wait 24h, then do the next step to add your 2 name servers on the same page as sent to you by namecheap on the activation email.

You need to wait another 24h for the change to apply. Once your domain name start showing you your server content list, you will know its ready.

add cpanel account for domain, create db and user, save info

Step 4: Upload and install WordPress files

Now you will need to login to your server WHM panel, Visit the URL sent to you, and login with your credentials, skip any alerts until you see WHM main panel.

Head to list accounts, then on the orange cP next to your domain name to launch cPanel.

Head to MySQL Databases using the search box, then create a new database, save the name on a notepad.

Create a username, add it along with the password to your notepad, then add the user to the DB as shown below ( with all privileges), make sure to select the DB and username you just created.

Now go back to cPanel main page, then to the file manager using the search box, now its time to upload WordPress.

Make sure you are in the Public_html directory by clicking on it, then click upload

Download the latest wordPress zip file from here, and upload it to your File manager.

Go back to the file manager after the upload is done

Click the zip file, and click extract on top right, then again click Extract Files

Now you need to move the files from WordPress directory ( folder), to Public_html, they need to be on the root of that folder. Click WordPress folder, then select all the files by using shift. click Move on the top left, then choose /Public_html

Now, the last step is to rename wp-config-sample.php file which is on Public_html folder, to wp-config.php by using the rename option on top. Now click on the file to choose it, then click Edit on top. Change the following values with the ones from your notepad. Make sure to change the values between the ‘ ‘ .

You WordPress platform is ready, visit your website URL to start setting it up.


Chose your username and password, leave all the rest of the settings as they are then finish the setup

To login to your admin page, visit Http:yourdomainanem.com/wp-admin.

That’s it for this guide, the next step is to install essential plugins and change important settings , check our guide here.