Its 2021, wither you are a business or an individual you should own a website, why you may ask? For a business, its crucial to have an online presence for online sales, or simply to be present for those customers, a lot of online business flourished this past year due to Covid, why not join the crew? Here at Granada Online we advise you to build a website with a purpose, and teach you how to benefit from it.

As an individual, you should invest in yourself, why not use those unique interests you have for something useful? Share your knowledge or interests with the world, and one day your side hobby might turn into a business opportunity. Start a website today, post one very optimized, and content rich article a month, in 1-2 years you can target this traffic by selling a product or offering a service, and by some more hard work, you can make a living out of it.

What are the requirements for starting a website?

There are 2 requirements for starting a website, first you will need to own a domain name, for example, then point this domain to where your actual site files are hosted. We recommend to buy those 2 separately, for example we own the domain on, and host our website (WordPress platform) on There are also service to use to skip those requirements like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify and WordPress hosting.

What is the aim of your website? If you want to just open a storefront and sell a single product for a limited time, then you can use a service like Shopify, which is free until a certain number of orders, and lets you open a storefront and integrate a payment gateway with no hassle.

If your plan is to build a simple website, like an online CV, then you are better off to buy just a domain from (domain cost average is $20 a year), then use one of their website packages which cosy2-4$ a month and just upload a simple free compatible website template with the help of Google.

WordPress is an open sourced platform that you can use to build anything from a simple few pages website, to a complete storefront. You have a vast number of themes, templates, and plug-ins to choose from, you can save yourself the hassle and own a professional looking website at minimum cost. You can download and install WordPress on your hosting provider ( Private VPS), or use a WordPress hosting service to own a ready made WordPress platform with some limits. Some WordPress hosting service let you buy your domain name through them, and cost around 4-10$ a month.

Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress Hosting

Wix and Squarespace are both an online platforms that let you build a website with a store for a monthly cost. You can also use the recently trending WordPress hosting as a shortcut instead of fully building your own website. All these 3 services are easy to use, but have a limited customization, optimization and traffic tracking. Below is a price comparison, notice that most prices change after the first year so keep that in mind.



WordPress hosting

VPS hosting

WordPress hosting requires cPanel, which has an additional charge per month

The optimal way, is to buy your domain and host your own website domain name was bought from, we purchased a VPS package from, pointed the domain to our server which contains our WordPress platform installed. You can follow our guide here to know how to host and setup your WordPress website.

Business emails, SSL, Payment gateways, Integrations

Having one or more email accounts is important, you can use on of them for general inquiries, another to follow up orders, etc. You can set up your own email accounts on a VPs server and use the server info on your email client like a smartphone, but additional setups are needed on how to secure your own email server, access to email service is also offered by the other platforms we mentioned above.

SSL on your WordPress site can be achieved for free by using a CDN provider. It is also offered by the platforms.

You can accept payments on WordPress by integrating PyaPal, which is also integrated in the other platforms.

What do you mean by integrations? you can connect to several other platforms, such as TShirt companies, or printing providers through plug-ins to automate orders, for example check our Tshirt store

Why do people charge $1000s for web development?

It is 2021, anyone charging you more than a few 100s for a website is doing more work than needed, or is working on something really advanced.There is no need for a developer to come up with a website design, images, and content from scratch. A smart developer is better off to install WordPress platform for you, and set up a theme and plugins considering your needs. Check webdesign services, we can build you a website for a very competitive price.

Where do i start, and for how much?

Simply put, buy a domain (4-10$ a year), point it to your VPS host provider (60-120$ a year, you need cpanel enabled), install and setup WordPress (free), then get yourself a professional looking theme ( 0-40$ one time payment). check our start up guide here ( coming soon)

Extra content

Did you know that 35% of USA users are more interested in WordPress over the other platforms? check the stats below

Did you know that with using, you can know what is the platform any website is built on ? Check the video below for a more detailed comparison between website platforms.