This next set of plugins are very important to maintain the security and performance of your WordPress website.

How to install WordPress plugins

head over to your admin Dashboard , Login from here http://websiteURL/wp-admin

Head over to plugins, Add new

Now search for the plugin you need, Click Install, then after few second Activate

One you Activate a plugin, you can find its settings under Plugins, or on the Plugin icon on your WordPress dashboard section


Wordfence Security – Firewall & Malware Scan

Install and activate the plugin

Make sure to activate Wordfence firewall when the notification shows on your Dashboard

You can also set MFA when you login to your admin dashboard, head over to Wordfence -> Login security

Now open your Phone’s app store, download Google Authenticator, and scan the barcode show on your Wordfence Login Security page, make sure to download the access codes, save them somewhere as you might need them when loosing access to your phone.

W3 Total Cache

Install and activate the plugin

Head to Performance, then Settings

Enable Preview Mode

Make sure Page Cache settings match the below image

Click Save all settings, then Deploy the settings from top of the page

Click Save settings again, that’s it for this plugin.


Install and activate the plugin

You use WooCommerce to sell products or services on your WordPress website, you can integrate it with a PaypPal account for accepting payments

WPSSO Core related WordPress Plugins

Install and activate the following plugins:

Now head over to SSO – social and Search Optimization , then General settings. Make sure to fill in your site info:

We advise you to fill all these settings with the proper info, you will need social media accounts and other info, you can find guides on Google, or Youtube.

Also you should fill the settings for your Organization and Places plugins:

We are done with installing all the needed plugins, now its time to enable SSL for your WordPress website..